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  • جيران
    جيران قبل 6 أعوام
    Jeeran .. I've never been there ,So I'm just going to mention things about the work of the website and few other points related , it's the most well known website in Jo to review places and some/most place owners usually care about what's written here. Let me start with +Ves : 1- It's almost the only place where you can share your experience/review places/services..etc 2- It's the most effective method to share your experience and review online unless you have a well known blog/facebook page 3- Most of the reviews are helpful 4- You don't have a limit you can express yourself your experience and opinion 5- You can easily see the reviews made just for advertisement they are few and obvious so you can skip these easily 6- The people are really nice and helpful . 7- Discussion section is nice idea to interact but almost dead not so many people interacting and some weird topics found there -Ves: 1- The website has so many problems one of the major ones for me when I get a notification that someone commented on a post that I commented on before I have to go and search for this post "most of the time I can't find it, if it was long time ago" why I can't just click on the notification and take me directly to the comment ! 2- Jeeran did sth i loved when you go to a place you find a sticker of jeeran saying visit us and tell us your experience this was amazing idea ppl used to interact more and business owner cared more , now I don't see any new stickers/ideas for the new places and old places the stickers look old and make u feel sad when you look at them , creat sth new !! ... 3- The rating system 3 stars = average , 4stars = good ? I want sth between i want GOOD ! like now I want to give Jeeran rating *GOOD* not Great and not Average but I can't I have to choose either to over rate or under rate . Overall it's good , but it can be better actually much better.. If they improve the site a bit more ,work a bit harder on advertisement , media & Jeeran needs new creative ideas sooooooo bad .

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